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We are so excited to finally share the news that Chesterfield, Missouri, has built its first public art studio in over 50 years. The National Historic Landmark offers a variety of studios and galleries, as well as an art gallery. A 1,500-square-foot studio in the City Diner is available for rent and costs between $15 and $25.

Throughout the year there is a wide range of teaching opportunities, such as themed courses on specific topics such as animals or music, as well as a wide range of workshops. Art Unleashed also offers the Kaleidoscope program, designed for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as for students and community organizations in homework. As part of its residency programs, the Center offers residencies to artists working in the fields of art and humanities, art history, film, photography, design, theater, music and more.

The staff of Chesterfield Parks, Recreation and Arts publicize the artists and their work by sending out press releases. Children can browse through books and see framed artworks on the artist's walls, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and posters, to name a few. Public art can also be seen in the Centre for Art, as well as in the parks and leisure facilities of the city.

If you are an artist interested in an exhibition at the City Hall, please fill in the application form below and upload five jpgs or upload your suggested works. Artists can produce supplementary flyers and business cards, which are also sent to suitable contacts, and organise a reception if desired.

The artists agree to allow Chesterfield Parks, Recreation and Arts to use the images and materials provided by the artist to promote and promote the exhibition to the public for this event. The artists have agreed to allow Chesterfields Parks & Recreation & Arts to use all submitted materials and any other materials made available to them in the event of an exhibition or other submitted image or submission to any other public event or exhibition. Artists have agreed to allow Chesterville Parks and Recreation & Arts, and all employees, volunteers and / or volunteer associations, employees, customers and friends, or anyone else, to use Chesterville Parks & Recreation & Arts to promote and / or advertise the exhibition or any event to which they are submitted.

Appointments can be made in any available space in Chesterfield Parks & Recreation & Arts or at any time during the exhibition (Monday to Friday).

Chesterfield Parks & Recreation & Arts will assess the work of each artist and decide who fits in the space best. The selection of works will be based on their ability to reflect history, art, culture and natural diversity. The jury has the opportunity to select a theme within the Town Hall and Chesterfield Park District. Artists wishing to rent a studio in FAC can apply by sending an SASE to the City Manager's Office at (904) 888-442-5555 or by email to [email protected].

Professional and amateur artists living in and around St. Louis City and County, working in two- and three-dimensional media. A way to learn more about Chesterfield Parks & Recreation & Arts' The art program will take place in South Side Spaces. Video is not allowed, nor are photographs, photographs of works of art in two or three dimensional media or photos of any kind.

The company specializes in historic renovations that preserve the original character of a building while offering the comfort of modern amenities, according to the company's website.

Professional and amateur artists working in two and three dimensional media are invited to apply for the rotating art exhibition at the Chesterfield Museum of Art Art Art Gallery. In addition, Fine Art Limited will provide the artworks for the exhibition as well as a variety of other exhibits. The reception will offer art lovers the opportunity to meet the artists, discuss the inspiration behind their work and discuss the exhibits in detail, according to the company's website. On Friday, May 12, an artist reception will be held in front of the main entrance of the museum from 18: 30 to 20: 00.

Children and adults will enjoy the gallery - like artworks scattered everywhere, but children up to 10 years old would make the most of the experience. Create your next masterpiece at the Chesterfield Museum of Art Gallery, a nonprofit arts organization that offers art classes, camps and workshops for students of all ages and abilities. The mission is to expand artistic skills and to teach individual artists in the main cultural centers, according to the website.

Our mission is to support, support and facilitate visionary, high-quality companies, individuals and organizations by providing common resources, not just a workplace. We strive to set a high standard of excellence in the arts, education, business and community development at Chesterfield.

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